Galaxy Bowling

Galaxy Bowling is a 3D bowling game for Google Play, iOS, Windows Phones, Windows Store, and the web! In addition to the standard 10-pin mode, it also includes variants like Candlepin bowling and Duckpin.

Galaxy Bowl is my first game for Android (I created a Sudoku game called Endless Sudoku in the early days and it flopped. Actually, now that I think of it, my more recent Sudoku game, Starlight Sudoku, also flopped. I’m staying away from Sudoku from now on!) It’s also the first game I’ve created entirely in 3D.

It’s a bowling game with a space theme. You can unlock bowling balls that look like the planets (complete with bump and specular maps for the nerd-dev-bowlers out there), and earn interstellar achievements like “Pale Blue Dot”.

Galaxy Bowling now has millions of players all across the world!

Get Bowling for Google Play.

Cliff Diving 3D

Cliff Diving screen shot

I also created Cliff Diving. Cliff Diving is a fun casual game for Google Play and iOS that has you trying to match a requested dive. For example, if the requirement is 3 forward flips, then you have to try to get 3 forward flips and then land as straight as possible in water. Sounds easy, but it’s quite challenging!

You can play Cliff Diving on Google Play for free.

  1. Before I download the full version, I was hoping you could tell me whether or not the full version of galaxy bowl is 2 player or one player only. By the way, free version is incredible! By far the best I’ve seen. Hope to hear from you.

    • Hi Ted,

      The full version doesn’t have hot-seat 2-player mode (on the same device, for example), but it does have online leaderboards and achievements. So if you’re using two phones/tabs you could compete that way.

      I’ve gotten a few requests for a 2-player mode on the same device. I’m considering adding it in an upcoming update.

  2. Best bowling game on Android. Period.

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