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Android Permissions

For the last year, I’ve offered my live wallpapers free of charge. I created two versions to encourage people who liked the free version to upgrade. This works great, but the amount of people who upgrade are a tiny fraction to the number who just continue to use the free version.

I want to make more live wallpapers so I need some way to monetize them. Developers do this all the time with just about every other kind of app and no one complains. I don’t believe you can just plop an ad in a beautiful background though — it just ruins the experience.

So I’ve opted for two things to monetize my live wallpapers:

One is an opt-in registration. It only shows up once and never again if you ignore it.

The other is a Search shortcut that appears on your home-screen. If you don’t want it, you can just drag it to the trash — the app will continue to function and no-one’s feelings are hurt.

Compared to a lot of advertising out there, these are extremely tame. Nothing is ruining the wallpaper and nothing keeps popping up and annoying you.

The catch are the permissions needed for these. One needs a whole stack of things to place a bookmark and shortcut, the other needs internet access and to read your phone state so it can populate a form. Nothing is sent without your consent.

I understand that a lot of companies ask a lot of your privacy. Mine doesn’t. I don’t mine your information, I don’t care what you buy, where you live, or who you are. Check my privacy policy.

If you don’t want to register, click on “No Thanks.” — you’ll never see it again. If you don’t like the search icon, drag it to the trash.

All I want to do is continue to make quality software. :)

Driftwood Mobile site debut.

I’ve seriously been slack to take this long to get my mobile site up and running. In lieu of this site’s existence, I had instead been linking to my site for games for the blind and visually impaired. This caused some confusion because there is no mention of mobile projects anywhere. I created a rogue-like game for the blind called Entombed. Very rewarding and fun project. Check it out if you’re interested.

This site is about my mobile apps! I’ll try and post my in-development work here and put the completed stuff in the Apps section. That’s the plan, anyway.

Any feedback is great and I love to read it. If you find this and you’re curious, shoot me a message.